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Lol! "I offer my services" 😂 Well as a marriage counselor I about threw my slipper at the TV because I hated all the questions Vanessa was asking. Stirring the pot, looking for drama. I felt icky watching. And yeah so much pressure on the babies at the end. Cringe. Interesting thoughts on the maternal thing. I was torn about that conversation. I kinda think that was just something he said because he either didn't want to be more specific or didn't know how he really felt and the show pounced on it. I think he didn't really know what he wanted or had worse things to say about her and thought the mother thing would be better received. I'm not team Paul by any means I just think that conversation seemed overblown to me. Especially on a show that gets so much wrong about gender. Suddenly they cared about that being said? Nah... I want a do over on that finale. So much was missed...

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