Mad Woman is a newsletter about the public and personal stories that shape our bodies, our selves, our work—and the stories we circulate among us in service of something better. It’s feminist analysis of pop culture, literature, art, and politics. Essays and conversations explore consent, labor, care, feminism, psychology, parenthood, and intersections between rape culture, girlhood, motherhood, and misogyny.

This newsletter began as Mad Moms, a wide-ranging newsletter I wrote from late 2020-late 2022. In its newest form, you can expect essays that are more personal, as well as more special features for subscribers, along with the writing and conversations that brought you here, like essays on believing women, maintenance labor, ambition, mothers on vacation, and angry women. Expect timely analysis of books, politics, and popular culture through a feminist lens, conversations with writers, thinkers, artists, and activists, and plenty of critiques of modern psychology, politics, power, and representation.

About Me

Hi. I’m a writer, critic, mother, and educator. My next book, TOUCHED OUT: MOTHERHOOD, MISOGYNY, CONSENT, AND CONTROL is forthcoming from Beacon Press in September of 2023. I also wrote a memoir called TWO MEMOIRS (which I talk about here and here) and some other books. You can read more about my writing at my website. I’m also a writing teacher and an editor. My essays and criticism have been featured at Slate, Vox, Huffington Post, Believer Mag, Rumpus, Mutha, HTMLGIANT, Ms, and other places.

I have a PhD in literature and an MFA in writing. I study and write about representations of labor, domesticity, feminism, trauma, consent, and motherhood in literature, film, TV, visual and performance art, political discourse, psychology, and everyday culture.

I live in California, where I grew up, with my husband and two kids. If you want to hang out and write with me, I teach online at Catapult, Corporeal Writing, Hugo House, and other literary organizations. You can also find me on Instagram @amontei and, more tentatively, on Twitter @AmandaMontei

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Feminist analysis of politics, pop culture, and literature + other hysterics by Amanda Montei PhD, MFA, author of TOUCHED OUT: MOTHERHOOD, MISOGYNY, CONSENT, AND CONTROL (forthcoming from Beacon Press, September 2023) and other books.


Amanda Montei 

Amanda is the author of TOUCHED OUT: MOTHERHOOD, MISOGYNY, CONSENT & CONTROL, forthcoming from Beacon Press in 2023, and other books. She has a PhD from the Poetics Program at SUNY Buffalo and an MFA from CalArts.